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Smart Moms is your premier source for recruiting and staff coaching services.  

find staffWith over 17 years of recruiting experience, we engage with a workforce of qualified moms who are devoted to flexible work and have exceptional skill sets.  

Since 2003, Smart Moms has placed over 450 Smart Moms and Dads with Family-Friendly Employers. 

By employing Smart Moms, our employers are able to:

  • Find New Business and Customers
  • Add Value to Existing Client-Base
  • Scale 
  • Increase Your Margins
  • Improve Internal Processes


 If you have a part-time, remote-full-time or contract position with at least 1 family friendly benefit, let's talk!  Smart Moms provides a proven recruiting approach to finding the right talent and commitment anywhere in the US.  


Resources Employers:

Recruiting Services - Smart Moms applies its comprehensive recruiting process toward virtual, part-time or contract positions specifically selecting and qualifying candidates based on each employer's requirement.  We will help narrow down the candidates that apply by performing phone and in person interviews, running background/skills checks, checking references and acting as a Creative Employment Coach as you hire your own team.  Interested in any of these services please submit a Recruiting Inquiry Form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**Typically Smart Moms engages in a retained recruiting model. Visit our EmployerPage to learn more about our Recruiting Services.  

Employer Resources Exploring the Benefits of Outsourcing or how to Build a Virtual Team?  Visit our Resource Page for helpful information. 

Career Staff Coaching is becoming a cost effective way of keeping staff and contractors engaged in the tasks and goals of the company. Read how one Smart Moms' client retained her contractors until the end of the project by offering Career Management Coaching as part of her benefits' package. - Read Case Study


Recruiting Requests...

If you have a recruiting need and wish to engage with Smart Moms please call us at 919-238-9222 or submit a recruiting inquiry form





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