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Smart Moms is now offering Career Coaching services. If you are seeking to develop a personalized career plan to make a significant career change, transition to a career that takes into consideration work life balance or launch an encore career, please visit to learn more.  
For over 16 years, Smart Moms continues to offer Recruiting Services for Employers who are seeking highly skilled part-time, virtual and contract professionals.   If you have a position with at least 1 family friendly benefit AND need a proven recruiting approach to find the right talent and committment, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details about your opportunity.  We will be in touch within 3 business days.    
To our Smart Moms and Dads:
Job Openings being recruited by Smart Moms can be viewed here.  To be the first to learn about job opportunties, follow us on Facebook.  
 Are you stuck on where or how to start your job searching? Visit Pinterest for ideas that involve work life balance and job search strategies.
Find Inspiring articles on job search strategies, family friend jobs and work life balance on our Smart Moms Nation Blog.
Smart Moms offers job opportunities, networking sessions on market relevant interviewing tips and other important employment topics. Visit Facebook for event details.
Testimonies of satisfied job seekers and employers can be found on LinkedIn – Garla Glover-Smith.
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