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For over 16 years, Smart Moms continues to offer Recruiting Services for Employers who are seeking highly skilled part-time, virtual and contract professionals.   If you have a part-time, remote-full-time or contract position with at least 1 family friendly benefit, let's talk!  Smart Moms provides a proven recruiting approach to finding the right talent and commitment anywhere in the US.  Visit our Permanent Recruiting Page to learn about our services.  Lighten Your Load: Click Here to View our 2020 Screening Package.
Smart Moms is now offering Career Coaching services. Whether you are a business or NGO seeking to provide career coaching services for your employees as a value-add incentive or an individual who needs to develop a personalized career plan Smart Moms can help.   Individuals have found career coaching success in launching an encore career, obtaining a promotion and transitioning to a career that takes into consideration their strengths, interest, values and work-life balance.  Visit to learn more.  
To our Smart Moms and Dads:
Job Openings being recruited by Smart Moms can be viewed here.
 Are you stuck on where or how to start your job searching? Visit Pinterest for ideas that involve work-life balance and job search strategies.
Find Inspiring articles on job search strategies, family friend jobs and work-life balance on our Smart Moms Nation Blog.
Smart Moms offers job opportunities, networking sessions on market-relevant interviewing tips and other important employment topics. Visit Facebook for event details.
Testimonies of satisfied job seekers and employers can be found on LinkedIn – Garla Glover-Smith.
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