Smart Moms is your premier source for recruiting and staff coaching services.

Seeking to hire right? Are you in need of a committed part-time or remote worker Smart Moms was created with the goal of putting part-time jobs and stay-at-home moms together. Over the years, our goal has broadened to include connecting all mothers who are interested in working with a family-friendly employer especially those that want to hire right for  remote or work from home jobs. Smart Moms has found many companies that are thrilled to find skilled workers that can start working without minimum training and adding value immediately.

Our platform serves as a dedicated space for exploring job opportunities for moms, providing a seamless connection between mothers seeking employment and companies in need of talented individuals who can contribute effectively. With Smart Moms, companies can hire right by tapping into a pool of skilled and motivated candidates who are ready to make an immediate impact.  

Since 2003, we have brought more than 450 professional workers and businesses together.
Here’s a snapshot:
A Snapshot Of The Many Companies We’ve Helped
Other employers include: architects, consulting firms, CPA firms, healthcare organizations, home improvement & remodeling companies, law firms, market research firms, marketing firms, professional organizers, property management groups, realtors and software developers.
  • 30-day job advertisement
  • Showcase job advertisement to a market of committed professional moms and women
  • Easy to post and customized employer profile
  • Access to 100’s of moms nationwide.
  • 45-day job advertisement
  • You write a job advertisement – A seasoned recruiter will review it for completeness
  • Sponsored Job Ad (More visibility in search results)
  • Member Icon featured on profile to show job seekers of your commitment to creating diverse work environments for women and mothers
  • Targeted email and message inbox blasts about your jobs.
  • In-depth understanding of your business
  • Job Advertisement optimized for each new role
  • Exhaustive market search and headhunting strategies utilized to reach untapped talent pools
  • Filter and screen the candidates using various screening methods including skills assessments, personality, interpersonal skills,
  • Presentation of a shortlist of candidates (2-3) for interview with candidate match
  • We initiate all candidate engagement and communication up to offer stage.
  • In-Person, Phone or Video Based screening
  • Facilitation of interviews including video and in-person
  • Social Media, Reference and Criminal Background Checks
  • Negotiation Support
  • How Best To Engage with Your New Hire Report (includes personality, skills, abilities, values alignment)
  • Guaranteed Delivery with 45-day replacement guarantee
  • Expert consulting on remote/flex implementation
  • Career Coaching for hired employees/consultant for 3 months

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