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When it comes to permanent professional recruiting, why does Smart Moms stand out among employment recruiters in NC and virtual recruiters?

We stand out because we know that employers don't have the time and often the resources to search for and screen candidates. Our standards are high when it comes to screening candidates because our goal is to make permanent professional matches.

Armed with your job description and specific requirements, Smart Moms will search our growing database and tap our extensive resources to find the best fit for your position. Our screening process includes a behavior style interview, criminal background and drivers' license checks. Our previous employer reference checks put us in contact with at least two previous supervisors who can share information regarding candidates' work ethics, skills, agreeability, how well they work with others or independently. We have access to more than 70 skills tests that fit a broad range of job requirements. 


Which businesses greatly benefit from having Smart Moms on their teams?

Law firms, CPA firms and businesses with limited in-house HR are among the many employers who value the level of screening we perform. We have worked with Employers throughout the US.  Everything we do enables you to make the right decision. We don't send over a bunch of resumes hoping that you'll like one. We search, screen, test skills, interview and take a much more detailed approach to creating a match for you.  Visit the Smart Moms LinkedIn page to see helpful videos on recruiting and the benefits of using Smart Moms. 

Smart Moms Commitment:

We will not rush the matching process just to get you a warm body in the shortest amount of time. We've earned the reputation of Employment Experts because of the personal approach we take with matching candidates with jobs. We will keep you informed regarding our progress as we work to pinpoint the best candidate.  We work to deliver candidates for interviews within 7 -10 business days. 

When we are satisfied that we have found the right fit for your needs we will present two resumes representing the candidates we recommend. Our recommendation indicates that we have thoroughly investigated the candidates, we have concluded they are each an ideal fit for the job and will be a long-term employee or contractor. You will also receive results of a personality profile and our tips for working successfully with each personality type. In addition, we will schedule the initial phone interview between you and the two candidates.

When it comes to permanent professional recruiting, Smart Moms stands out among employment recruiters in NC and virtual recruiters.

Recruiting Requests...

If you have a recruiting need and wish to engage with Smart Moms please call us at 919-238-9222 or submit a recruiting inquiry form. We will contact you within two business days.

 Recruiting Inquiry Form



Smart Moms typically recruits for ongoing professional positions that offer min 15 hours per week with an hourly rate of $25 hr or more. If your opportunity does not meet the minimum but you have an amazing opportunity for a Smart Mom please complete the recruiting request form and we will be in touch.  







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Smart Moms is your premier source for recruiting and staff coaching services.  

Smart Moms was created with the goal of putting part-time jobs and stay-at-home moms together.  Over the years, our goal has broadened to include connecting all mothers who are interested in working with a family-friendly employer especially those that offered remote or work from home jobs.  Smart Moms has found many companies that are thrilled to find skilled workers that can start working without minimum training  and adding value immediately.   

Since 2003, we have brought more than 450 professional workers and businesses together. 

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Smart Moms Community - 2000 members and growing 
  • Smart Moms maintain 5 social media channels that collectively receives 5000 visitors per month and growing.  

A Snapshot Of The Many Companies We’ve Helped

J&J Editorial  North Carolina Medical Board Concrete Countertops

Durham County ABC Board

Golden Corral Corp.

Healthy Moms
Triangle Law Group The Brocker Law Firm

Marilyn Shannon

Remax Realty

Rhea & Kaiser

Whitsell Innovations

The Appointment Setters


The Business Leader


Waddell & Reed

Young Rembrandts

 Global Quality Management

Videri Chocolate Factory

Tedd's List

Other employers include: architects, consulting firms, CPA firms, healthcare organizations, home improvement & remodeling companies, law firms, market research firms, marketing firms, professional organizers, property management groups, realtors and software developers. 

Recruiting Requests...

If you have a recruiting need and wish to engage with a firm who implements recruiting best practices, please call us at 919-238-9222 or submit a recruiting inquiry form.  


Recruiting Services - Smart Moms applies its recruiting best practices toward virtual, part-time or contract positions specifically recruiting and nominating candidates based on each employer's requirements.  We will help with recruiting diverse candidates that apply by performing phone and in person interviews, running background/skills checks, checking references and acting as a Creative Career Coach as you hire your own team.

 Interested in our recruiting best practice process - Click Here to learn more. 

Interested in any of these services please submit a Recruiting Inquiry Form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Employer Resources Exploring the Benefits of Outsourcing or how to Build a Virtual Team?  Visit our Resource Page for helpful information. 

Staff Coaching is becoming a cost effective way of keeping staff and contractors engaged in the tasks and goals of the company. Read how one Smart Moms' client retained her contractors until the end of the project by offering Career Management Coaching as part of her benefits' package. - Read Case Study 


If you have recruiting needs and wish to engage with Smart Moms please call us at 919-238-9222 or submit a recruiting inquiry form

submit a job listing that will be viewed by our database of 1500 candidates and 3500 website visitors per month interested in part-time onsite work and telecommuting work from home opportunities. Virtual opportunities are always welcomed by our experienced database. Create an account on the right to get started!
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