Did you know employee loyalty and retention is linked to employee satisfaction? “More than 25% of employees are in a high-retention-risk category” according to a Bonus.ly Blog Post.  Many are millennials who chose to stay with employers that invest in their professional development.

A recent Docebo Survey stated, 36% of workers and nearly half of millennials would consider quitting a job that didn’t provide learning opportunities.

According to a SplashBI article, in order to Improve and Engage Millennial’s in the Workplace, Career Development should be a top priority. People perform best when they have an attainable career goal.
Well, imagine a career counseling service that can provide your high potential employees/contractors 1:1 support.
Well you don’t have to imagine, Smart Moms offer this service.
We recently worked with GSHA Quality Services that yielded 75% success rate. Check out the Case Study Here.
The benefits of offering Career Coaching is clear for workers. Employers greatly benefit as well. As an Employer, perhaps you are anticipating an influx of work in the next 6 months.  Are you confident that your workers will be available let alone enthusiastic about doing the work?
Do you have growth strategies that are being executed but unsure if your workforce is going to meet the challenge?
The cost of replacing a highly-trained employee or contractor can exceed 200% of their annual salary according to this Bonus.ly article. Who can afford to replace multiple people, recruit, screen and retrain even before the works gets done? The best strategy is keep them happy and excited about their career path.

If you are not offering benefits, retirement plans, or covering some reimbursable expenses how will you empower and motivate them to reach the company goals?
Providing career management coaching to these individuals as an incentive to remain committed to the work or project is an ideal strategy for boosting retention. Willis Towers Watson’s 2018 Employee Satisfaction Survey indicated that 78% of employees were more inclined to stay with their employer because of the benefits offered. This is an increase of 6% from 2017 data. Benefits do matter!

We recently worked with a small team within GSHA Quality Services that yielded 75% success rate. Read theCase Study

Interested in learning more about our services click here:  Recruiting/Coaching Inquiry

Definition of the Career Management Competency:

Career management can be defined as the combination of strategic planning and active personal management of one’s own professional career. According to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Career Management coaching activities could include helping an individual identify and articulate one’s skills, strengths, knowledge, and experience relevant to the position desired, communicating career goals, and identifying areas necessary for personal growth.

It also includes self-exploration of job options while understanding the steps necessary to pursue opportunities. An outcome of a successful career management engagement is the individual’s ability to self-advocate for opportunities within the company or external workplace.


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