Whether it’s the end of the world or a game-changing innovation, everyone’s heard about AI.

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, blends computer science with datasets to solve problems. Although it’s had decades’ worth of development, AI took the general business scene at the end of 2022, when ChatGPT was unveiled to the public. ChatGPT is a chat-style website that answers any question you ask. Want to learn Python? Level up your resume? Write a poem about trees in the voice of Langston Hughes? The options are endless, but that also means there are possible threats to our work environment as we know it.

AI has sparked conversation about what roles professionals will keep in various industries. Data analysts, programmers, artists and more face the fear of being replaced by machines. It costs less money for corporations to resort to technology instead of paying for labor. But what if it’s reframed as an enhancement, instead of a replacement?

One of the biggest traits people bring to the table compared to AI is our creativity. Unlike machines, we get hit with an idea and choose to act upon it, put our hearts into it, and do it all over again when something new comes to mind. Sure, AI can write songs, poems, plays and other mediums. But it’s processing data it was fed from millions – trillions – of sources. Organic creativity is something we all possess, whether we work in the arts, STEM, and any other industry. 

Beyond creativity, people also have emotional intelligence. We are nurtured to show respect in our respective cultures. Many of us read nonverbal and verbal social cues and learn how to accommodate those who need more help in conversation. When conflicts arise, we act as mediators, advocate for ourselves and others, and use our own perspectives to engage in discussions for the betterment of a team. And ChatGPT is aware of it.

In an April 2023 article from NACE, ChatGPT can acknowledge its role in the hiring process. It can be helpful to edit your cover letters, find specific job boards for your career focus, and identify employers with great employer track records.  You can find overlapping skills and traits in jobs if you’re looking to switch careers, generate generic interview questions and more. 

Try it out yourself for free with prompts like these:

  • Copy and paste the words on your resume or cover letter for grammar checks
  • “I am a [current role] applying to be a [desired job]. I have [number] of years experience in [role or industry]. What questions would you ask me to appear more [detail-oriented, organized or any other trait you need]?”
  • “Critique my resume”
  • “What traits does a [desired position] have?”

Technology has and always will continue to advance. And even though it doesn’t feel like it, so do we. It’s been a part of our survival to adapt to changing circumstances, and who’s to say we can’t adapt a new development like AI to work for us? AI and other software can be used as a supplement to our success, just like a career coach or recruiter.

Beyond AI, we all can benefit from some in-person support. Find out what your best qualities are to reach your dream job with Smart Moms. View our career coaching options here


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